For too long, Illinois has been defined by corruption and self-dealing.  As Attorney General, I will put an end to this.  We are going to restore people’s trust in government by making clear that no one is above the law.

The phrase “justice for all” must have true meaning. As Attorney General, I will make sure that every citizen is treated fairly regardless of their race, religion, immigration status, gender or zip code.

We must fight against policies that endanger us and our future. Now, more than ever, national policies have the potential to inflict long-lasting damage on our State and those who live here.  As Attorney General, I will be proactive in seeking legal remedies to put an end to these bad policies and ensure a bright future.

Please join the fight to clean up Illinois.

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Proud to stand with @MomsDemand and so many other activists today as we marched for equality at #WomensMarchChicago. Today, and every day, we stand up for progress.

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